Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stayin' pumped

Hello Friends- I know it has been over a week since I last wrote. I kind of got caught up doing so many other things. I found myself trying to get depressed and I just don't do that very well. I know so many people that can do it on command. If I don't talk to myself everyday about staying positive or knowing exactly the things I need to do that day then I will tend to fall toward the edge of the canyon. I managed to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I cooked for 9 people and had a friend and her daughter from our "old" company that was kind to lay us off. So we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everyone was happy and full. I sure hope all of you enjoyed your special family day too. I would have loved having my Parents and Brother with us, but that just was not in the cards this year. Basically I just really enjoy having people around me, it really helps be the accelerator to a happier life on a day to day basis. Now since I am on a "forced" sabbatical for an undetermined time frame, it is so important for me to try to find as many people to be around. Of course my 16 yr old Son keeps me pretty busy, he had another little tiny run in with the local law on Sunday night, it is just so hard to let them out of your sight for fear of any number of things that can happen. He is really a good kid and is trying to figure life and himself out, so I try to also keep him jazzed about what he can do with his young life. Being his Mom, of course I am a few minutes older than him and really don't know much about life either. At least he keeps me on my toes. So now my thoughts are on the next holiday, getting a tree up and lights outside. It has been so icky, rainy, snowy and brrrrr here that I'd like to just get back in my bed, throw the covers over my head till Spring. Since I can't do that I will just move onto my next task for the day. So stay warm and, like me, try to stay pumped!

Remember: There is life beyond the covers


Janie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Continue to think good thoughts and keep going. I'll be visiting your blog and leaving probably smart alec remarks, cause that's how I roll (but I really really really try to be good.).

We have boys, and at times, they're challenging as well. But it makes us stretch, huh? And really, aren't they lovies?
I loved your comments about being a few moments older than your son and not knowing anything...do we, as parents, ever know anything? Arrrrrrgh!

Anne said...

Oh I just love your comments at the end of each post. What a great idea. Yeah I got to get all of my Christmas decorations out of storage today. I got the tree done, but theres still so much that still needs to be done. Moms jobs are never done! Have a good day! :-)

Roxy said...

Hey Cathy, Keep writing I know it helps me. I think most people are stuggling right now. So many losing their jobs-homes etc. You will find something or you will think of something you can do on your own to make money. If may be something that hasn't even occurred to you yet. But it will! So put up our tree and your lights - get a warm blanket and relax and enjoy your home, your children and pretend your on vacation for the holidays.
In January you can hit the ground running.
Happy Holidays
Staying pumped!!!