Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweating the small stuff

I have come to realize, once again, how wonderful life is. I have been through so much, just like everyone else and usually allowed the smallest things to make me stress out. I have recently been allowed to work my job from home and let me tell you, this is the best time of my life right now! Of course I think it would be challenging if I had younger children. Since my oldest moved out and my youngest is very mobile and my friends that live me are not in my way I have set my little office up in my room and I get to look out my windows into my great wooded, aviary like yard and am so pleased with this change that I don't have any "small stuff" to sweat anymore. I am no able to think a lot clearer and am able to get back to all the great things I started last Fall when I lost my last job because I have more "free" time to do it in. No traffic hassles for me anymore. My stress level has dropped and my happiness meter has exploded! My creative juices are flowing freely again and I am going to get my food business off the ground once and for all. With the special time here at home I have come to appreciate my own land space that much more. Too many of us are still wound way tight, want things way too fast and do not stop to "smell the roses". I have been and still am beaming!

Remember: You have more resources than you think