Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time for a change

Hello everyone ! Once again I am without a job, oh my. So I have been taking this time to rediscover myself and really try to make any one of my entrepreneurial adventures work. I've also discovered that people today are more into hurting you than helping you and it should not be like this. If anything we should be more of a "helping" people because I am sure that we all need some kind of help in one way or another. I am actually very glad not to be working in an office, corporate setting anymore, my stress level is way down and the freedom to roam at anytime of the day or night is the best feeling. I just gotta find a way to earn enough money to live on. Times are still tough and going to continue for awhile, so I must persevere and continue to look for the "open" doors that are out there for me, maybe I need some "special" glasses to see them LOL. Ok this is short and sweet and I am gonna try to come back here more often like the "good ole" days !

Remember: The time to change is now, just like the seasons