Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kids and Credit

You know as Parents today we really need to be teaching our kids more about what to do with money earned, like saving it or investing it or at least spending it wisely. There are way too many Parents that give and give and give to their kids and there is no lesson to be learned. Then when they become young adults they don't really know how to manage their finances, let alone know what the meaning of finances are. I've tried the allowance thing the reward for doing a job or chore and these have not made an impact on my boys at all. My oldest works full time now and he has finally gotten the hang of "how" to manage his money for the first time ever, he is only 23 but I feel accomplished in this area since I had a lot to do with it. My younger Son just does not have the drive, he will be 16 on Valentines Day, to work to earn the money the regular way. He likes more odd type jobs and not a whole lot of work. Which confuses me since he has watched me struggle to take care of he and his Brother I figured he'd be more like, "hey, I wanna get out in the world and make a difference." He seems to be somewhat confused anyway about his purpose in life, aren't most teens? So I try everyday to show him how money can be earned and spent and why it is important to save.
Someday I hope they both will be on their own and enjoying what life has to offer.

Remember: Follow your dreams and be all you can be