Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cleanse for life

Ahh it is now a "new" year and we are able to make positive changes for ourselves. Have you ever looked around your house to realize just how much stuff you have accumulated and you don't ever use? That's what I have been doing now for several weeks. You don't really see it. I have found out that I can sell my stuff in the various ways we have now and earn a few bucks and rid, "cleanse" my house, my "space" for a more Feng Shui feel. Now you don't have to sell your stuff, you can donate to many charities or give to someone who can use. However it is a great way to put a little extra cash in your hands and you learn a lot of new experiences. So try it, look around your garage, closets are a great hiding place for stuff, drawers, kids rooms, attics, basements, you will surprise and amaze yourself.
Please email with any questions, ideas or comments. I am always open to them. So get busy and make some change, literally.

Change is good