Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas to all! What a great time of the year for my family and I hope you and your family are experiencing a great time together as well. We have all gathered up the best possible gifts for our friends and family and are now enjoying time together and getting ready to "break bread" together too. What a wonderful time of the year.

This is a good time to think of the great opportunities ahead of us for 2008. We need to think smart and try to prepare ourselves for any and all emergencies. During the Holiday rush we sure don't mind spending money like we have it forever. I happen to have what I considered a catastrophe, last Friday I bought my family a brand new main water line as the one in the ground had burst. I was distraught. Not sure how to handle this. I don't have a husband to help with these things. My oldest son had just arrived home from his night job and I, of course, was at my job. He was able to work with the plumbers for me while I talked to them and we were able to scrape just enough money to pay for it. Of course I was very concerned about my boys Christmas. It was interrupted, however I feel that our Christmas holiday is sort of a divine intervention for my family to see. My new water line cost $1,000., which was all I had. My plan was to get my boys some nice things and have enough money until payday and to keep me current. It just so happened that I came into a nice $1,000. bonus the day before the catastrophe along with grocery and gas gift cards along with none other than a WII game system. WOW to my surprise how things in our lives work out. The power of the life paths are so intriguing to me and always will be. I feel very blessed and very grateful.

This whole experience has made me realize that saving more money NOW is so important. So I am on a mission to increase my savings to $200. mo. and I will just do it. It is so important, you don't know how scared and alone for a split moment I felt. If I had not been so blessed to have received that money, I do not know how I would have paid for my family to have water and just in time for Christmas. So now is the time to re-evaluate our spending and saving habits.

Have a wonderful Christmas and safe and Happy New Year!

Remember: Always pay yourself first!