Saturday, November 28, 2009

Power to YOU!

Hello Friends !! I have surfaced once again, I have missed my blogging family and am sorry I have been gone so long. I finally got the "people" out of my house July 18th and it was not an easy task to do. Things did get a little heated, which I did not want, but I got to see just how two faced and ungrateful they were. What a "cleansing" feeling it was to be in my own house without the burden of "haters". So in these past 4 mos I have been finding my way around my house again again and finding "ME" again. I have really surprised myself once again. I am still working, YEA!!!, and I have reconnected with a great and wonderful friend also in the mortgage biz and has struggled like me and now we are forging through LIFE together, using the knowledge we both have to become successful in our endeavors. I am finally doing something that I know and have wanted to do for many years. You know I am just a regular person that has a dream to make it BIG in this world, make an impact on others lives and help as many people as I can, I'm not a celebrity, star, great athlete or someone that is seen in the media. I want to write a book too and become well known, but I'm not a "star", therefore achieving this goal will be a little more of a challenge for "plain" me. I was thinking of this a few days ago when I saw, once again, the ads for Sarah Palin and her book and her tour bus, and I thought "hmmm... wonder if I can get a book published, could I also get on TV to push my book, my ideas, my goals in life?? It's an interesting thought and I said "YES" I can!!! We get out of life exactly what we put into it. Read that again and let it really sink in. I have, I woke up this morning with this exuberant feeling of being able to do anything and everything that I have ever wanted to do and I am going to do it, period. I have always started something great then let it sit and sit and then just get forgotten, not anymore. I have risen up from the ashes of doom and gloom and am going to publish the things I have written, help the people that I know need it and make life a little bit better for me, my family and others alike. I am not afraid to jump right in, both feet planted and be noticed. I was once before and I will become that "star" to shine for everyone to see.

Remember: Empower yourself to do what you know