Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Idol Time

WOW it has been 14 mos. since I last wrote. I have faced huge life altering challenges since I last wrote. I was trying to move on since my Dad had passed and my family continued to have struggles with each other. Then in May 2011 my Mom called me to come to her house in NW Arkansas to help her out for a few months. You see, she had fallen the week of Easter, nobody called me-nice, broker her hip and my brother wasn't caring for her very well, and why would he. So off I went, just like that. I gave up a great job opportunity in the industry I despised and wished I could get out of. Once I got my Mom's I told her that she could not stay in that house by herself and take care of herself along with everything else. So I gave her 5 options, one of which was to move to Georgia and live with me and my boys, and surprisingly so she chose to move. So I spent the next 3 mos. selling, packing, preparing the AR home for her departure and preparing my home for her arrival, which included enclosing my garage to be her apartment, it turned out nice. So 4 mos. later we arrive in GA along with all the stuff from my Parents house that I couldn't decide what to do with, I still have a lot of it here working at it a week at a time. Anyway, another new routine took shape and then Oct. 26, 2001 my Mom passed away. I could not believe how everything played out. I was stunned, shocked and in a haze for months.I had to force myself to get through the holidays for my  boys and said that once the New Year came we would all make it a very good year. It has taken me a while to get through the dark side of my emotions. I am TODAY taking my Real Estate exam ! I am taking advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented to me through all this loss. It has been difficult and great all at the same time. I may not have my Parents to talk to anymore, but I know they are looking down on me and guiding me through each and everyday. For this I am grateful and thankful. I want to LIVE again and enjoy each day and have fun again. So I applaud myself for getting up and going to school and achieving such a great feat.You will see more of me and my posts going forward. So good to be back :)

Remember: You can't move forward while looking back