Saturday, January 8, 2011

Share yourself

I am sort of at a cross roads in my life and not sure how to proceed. I have many great goals in mind for this fresh new year. My biggest block is that I do not have a significant other or any "real" friends locally that I can share with, ask for advice, bounce ideas off of or just talk to. Many days I feel trapped and somewhat depressed and eventually am able to help myself work through these uncomfortable feelings. As I want to be a coach to many on various topics, it would be nice if I had my own coach to help me through all these tough issues.  I have a hard time with this, but I still forge on because I know I can achieve what I am thinking of, it's just difficult as I have only myself to talk to about these things. I wish I could have more friends like I did many years ago when I lived in Memphis. Now those were some great times and I know I can have that again, just have lost my way. I know that 2010 was the most extremely painful year I have experienced in, well forever and this has attributed to all these self worthlessness that I feel a lot. Friends where I live are very difficult to keep as they are so committed to their own lives and I guess don't need another friend or any at all. I may need to relocate to another City, just not real sure I really want to do that. I do know that I need to join a club or a group or something to hopefully be involved enough to make some new relationships that will last.  I would normally discuss all of these things with my Dad, but can't anymore, only through prayers and that is hard too. I am a very giving person and just need to find the same in others that I can call my "FRIENDS". So onward I go to work on making all the plans and goals I have be achieved and hopefully find a friend or 2 along the way.

Remember:  Follow through.