Sunday, December 21, 2008

The strength within us

I am amazed at my inner emotional strength. I have always been such a strong person, and many, many times get so tired of being strong. Can't someone else do it for me? The sun has finally come out today,Hallelujah! , for the first time in 6 days!, OMG if the sun did not show itself soon , I was gonna go more crazy than I already am. So I got this great job lined up, finally, and I still have the extended "family" living with me. I have had some friends living with us since June, they have had a string of bad luck actually from bad choices which left them homeless. So I took them in for "awhile" like 3-4 mos., well that time has come. Anyway, they are waiting on social security for the husband and you know that takes a lifetime to go through. So their youngest son-19-is home from College and it is like a frickin' revolvin' door here. Kids and adults up and down all night and day. I guess we just get immune to some things. As I've said, I would rather have people living with me than me being alone. Anyway, I converted my dining room into a temp bedroom. So our space is smaller, I guess we will continue to be ok. I am just getting a little irritable on and off with all this extra turmoil and just keep praying that their $$ will come in soon so they can go their own place and I can acquire my space back, ahhh the thoughts of that just bring tears to my eyes. I have been happy to help out, but my patience is wearing thin. I know that it was a great sign from above that I did not need to go on the travel job and that is why the local job came to me, the positive energy I put out into the universe came back to me in this way. So with all that said, I am telling the universe to speed up the process of helping my friends get what they need from social security to be able to move on with their lives ASAP!

Remember: Positive energy earns positive results


Kathy Brakhage said...

That was so nice of you to open your house to them and give them a place to stay. It shows what a good person you are =) And I truly believe in positive promoting positive. The more good you do the more good will come to you. Merry Christmas sweetie! Love, Kat

Mrs4444 said...

Sending positive vibes your way... :)

Anne said...

How difficult it is to have another family live with you. God would be happy that you did what you could. But it is probably time for them to move along now. Especially with your new job starting soon. You'll have to focus on you and your family now.