Monday, December 8, 2008

Weird and Odd

As I sit here in my "night clothes" as my oldest Son calls them, he's 24 and just got home from his night job at Target, he talks about how "weird and odd" things are. I said, " You know most of our days are weird and odd". For example, my boys are learning now about "Casper" you know the one who takes things in your home and NO ONE will fess up to it, Yea that one. Well, this weekend something of my younger Son's went missing and he knew his brother had to have taken or moved it, and it certainly wasn't me, so I said, "Well maybe Buddy or Tiger took it" ( dog and cat), he didn't think that was too funny. I told him how "Casper" had lived with us now for about 20 yrs or so, he moves with us. Our daily lives are filled with weird and odd moments that we sit and ponder and wonder about. Some of them we can fix or change and others we just have to let them be. So this weekend I started on all my Christmas decorating, I also forced myself to have a small Christmas social on the 20th. I finally feel like I am climbing up out of the abyss I have been in for several years now and how "weird and odd" for me to feel so happy and joyful when I do not have any income coming in and could lose my home and car and everything, hmm....this is where I am supposed to be anxious, stressed, crying, upset but I am not. As I have said before, I have put my situation in the hands of a higher power and I know that everything will work out just fine. I am having this party to visit with old friends and most of them are unemployed like me and we all need this to be able to laugh, which is very healthy and have a good time. This weekend I also started my recipe book, baked and cooked homemade items till my heart was content and the house is filled with happiness. So now I am under the gun to get my house in order and very christmassy, so I am off to get a shower and out of my "night clothes" and get decorating.

Remember: Experience life to the fullest, regardless of your situation


Kathy Brakhage said...

nice message..that's all you can do is let go and trust in God

Anne said...

Good luck with your Christmas party. It sounds like it will be a good time. And yes, laughter is good for the soul! :-)