Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year

As we embark on the celebrations of another new and great year ahead, we need to be safe help each other like we never have before. This new year brings many new events in our lives and many hopes and dreams that can and will come true. I will be starting a new and wonderful job and hopefully my life will settle down a bit so I can concentrate on moving forward in a positive way and continue to grow in a prosperous way. I feel so good about putting 2008 behind me and looking so forward to 2009. I know that if we all stick together and try to help make this crazy, crazy world a better place for our future generations we will more than amaze ourselves. I think 2009 will be about reaching for the stars and actually being able to feel like we can stand on top of them and view the world below. Everyone needs to slow down and really appreciate what life has to offer and actually enjoy ourselves. Happy New Year to everyone here and beyond!

Remember: Live today like you won't be here tomorrow


Kathy Brakhage said...

Here's to 2009 & the hopes that it will be a much better year! Happy New Year!!

MilesPerHour said...

Although I find it difficult sometimes, I do try to live one day at a time. Thanks for reminding me.

Sister2brother said...

I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my own blog!

You said that you were Adsense-challenged.

I don't see any adsense on your blog yet and am wondering if you still want to place them on your blog?

As for 2008, I don't have any regrets. I learned a lot of very valuable lessons that I can and will use to help me in the years to come!

aries28 said...

You are welcome and yes I have 3 google ads on my page. Thanks!

Anne said...

Happy New Year to you and your family and best wishes.