Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is hard to believe that another traditional family gathering is just around the corner. Since my circumstances changed abruptly for me this year I was not sure I was going to cook the "greatest" meal of the year. Thanksgiving is and always has been my favorite holiday. I am a true traditionalist and surprisingly so I have been able to pass that onto my boys. Anyway, my Parents came to our house last year from Bella Vista, AR. That was the first visit to see us since we moved to GA, in May 2003. Of course it was great, we always went to them. Well they were going to return again this year, well that did not work out either. So I had planned to cook, I really enjoy that anyway. Well I have a friend that thought one of her older boys were going to host the great eating fest at one of their "new" homes. Doesn't look hopeful. This is a week before and she has not heard from them. I decided that I am going to have the fabulous feast at my home. Turns out my youngest Son's girlfriend and another friend of his will not be enjoying the turkey holiday with their families. Come on, the girlfriend's Mother doesn't cook so she and the girlfriend's younger brother will be going to a movie and eating out! WHAT??? The friend has to work and his family is going to be with their extended family in VA! Come on people, this is a holiday for families and friends to come together to spend time with and enjoy a wonderful feast and remember what we have to be "thankful" for. So as usual, I will have these extra guests. I thoroughly enjoy having a lot of people to cook for. I certainly will not allow for kids to just not have anyone to share this special time with. If I could, I would open up my home to everyone and anyone. Sure I still don't have a job, but I have figured out how to make things work out and not worry about it. I know that my families situation is in the hands of a higher power and we will be just fine. So if you think that you are not able to or can't have a great Thanksgiving celebration, then you need to talk to me, because you can!

Remember: Be thankful for ALL that you have!


Lisa said...

Thanksgiving can be a very stressfull time, and while it would be nice to open up our homes to all who need a place to go, that sometimes just isn't possible.

As of last year my home was the one that took in anyone and everyone that didn't have somewhere to go. My husband did all of the cooking and it was always fun to have a houseful of people.

My husband passed away this past February and this will be our first holiday without him. I will be cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner and I am a nervous wreck. I wish I could open up my home as we always did in the past but I know that right now I just can't do it. So I have had to make it known that this holiday it will just be myself and my 4 children.

I am going to focus on bringing back more meaning to this Thanksgiving, because while it would be easy to be depressed with the loss of my husband it is important to me that my kids and I have the sort of holiday that my husband would wish us to have.

I feel bad that I can no longer offer an open door policy but right now I just have to focus on us and hopefully in a year or two I will be ready to share my home and my cooking with all who need somewhere to go.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing your story.

Roxy said...

My house is normal the one everyone comes to on Thanksgiving but now that I am in Hawaii and they're all in CA. I'll be cooking for only four this year.
I have given up so much to live here I wonder sometimes if its worth the cost.
I love Thanksgiving and all the cooking a family gathering too.
But I'll have to wait until Christmas to see my kids.

Anne said...

Oh what a great idea to have those little sayings at the end of each post, how clever. I'm cooking to this year but the it will just be with my household this year. But we usually have big get-togethers to for the holidays.