Sunday, November 2, 2008

The grim job search

Isn't it funny how you may find a prospective employer that has an immediate need to fill a position and it takes forever to hear back from them? Today's times are the worst I've ever experienced. Finding gainful employment seems very dismal at this point. I try to stay positive and all that, but I still continue, secretly, to worry about my not too distant future. It seems that right now a decent paying job is not to be found. There are so many people like me that are also doing the same thing. It would be great if our very own gov't would help us out. There is too much bureaucracy within our country which therefore hurts the little people like us. We should be able to access unemployment much quicker and receive more than what the max is-$330. a week. Not too many people can live on that. That's $1430. a month. WOW ! I was against the Wall Street bailout like many of you, and yet our "loyal" Senate and House reps were forced to vote for it. The "working" people of this Country need the bailout help long before the corps of Wall Street! Those CEO's and other higher ups that received so many millions with their jobs certainly don't have to worry about whether or not they can feed their families or pay their monthly living expenses, while the "little" like us that have worked long, hard hours get the "shaft". Regardless of "who" will be our next President, they will be walking into a big giant mess and will take almost the 4 yrs to get back on track. In the meantime while we struggle to get back on track now.
Ok I guess that is enough ranting and raving by me. I would like to hear from any of you about this and how your life experience is going during these rough and bleak times.

Always remember: Never give up!


Angie said...

CATHY!!!! I'm so glad I found you!!! What an inspirational blog you have. I'm feelin' you on the new found energy thing. I have it too, just wish I could figure out what direction to take it in. I too have a dream of being a real estate investor (not the scam artist kind, the real deal). I've stopped telling people because everyone says I'm crazy. So I keep it all inside, and who knows maybe one day it will come true for me. Please keep blogging, you are so good at it!!!!

Angie said...

By the way this is Angie Gable, processor from Pine State :) In case you forgot about me :)