Thursday, November 6, 2008

A "Real" friend

What is a "real" friend? I guess I am too laid back and easy going. I am usually very reserved when I meet new people. You have to kind of store your thoughts about them to be used at a later date. It's crushing when you put all your time and efforts in what you believe is a true friend to find out you have know a "FAKE". That hurts! You know they say you really know some one when you live with them. Wrong.......been there, done that. I am not really sure if we ever know that we can ever trust someone or know they are really a friend to us. We just have to go with the flow, day by day and just try to be trusting until the "friend" gives you a reason to think otherwise. I think friends are overrated anyway. It would be nice to have more like many people I know. I guess I am just not supposed to have many or 2 or 3. I don't know. So I will just try to work on myself and more "real friends" will come my way someday.

Remember: Don't throw stones at glass houses

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Mrs4444 said...

Having an open heart can sometimes make us vulnerable to those who would take advantage of us. However, living with an open heart is the only way to live, in my opinion.