Sunday, January 18, 2009


For us all to be so different and the same is pretty scary for one breed. So my question to everyone is, "What is your recipe for a good, healthy life?" Just like the thousands of cookbooks and recipe books, everyone has a different version to achieve the same thing than the next person. How interesting would it be to see what everyone's thoughts are on this topic. Hmm.... I think so.

Come on people, let's give it a whirl! Pass this on to everyone you know and invite them to respond so we can all share in the many diversified ways to life.

So in this "new" year 2009 my recipe for a good, healthy life is:


1 able body
1 zest for life
1 good attitude
1 happy personality
1 dz desires to lose the stress
1 positive outlook
1 family oriented body
12 handfuls of smiles
4 bushels of hugs
1 dz fun ideas
100 gal of energy
101 ways to spend time with family and friends
365 days a year to apply everything

Mix all the above in one BIG life, day to day. Let rest for 4-6 hours, then shake vigorously and apply to your day.


I hope to hear from you all, new and old. Let's wake up the life in us all!

Remember: When you least expect it, LIFE is just around the corner.


Kathy said...

Oh how neat Cathy! This is a wonderful idea ♥ I'm going to head straight back to my blog and post mine too :)

Anne said...

What a wonderful recipe for life you have. Shake it up and take a good dose of that every day and you'll be doing great! =)

Valash said...

Hi Cathy, my recipe would be:

listen to your parents, don't let the small stuff get the best of you, have a couple of good friends that support you through thick and thin, believe in a higher power, be passionate about whatever do, and be honest with your doctor.

Stop by my blog too.


Anonymous Drifter said...

My recipe for life is to take it one day at a time. Nice idea you have here.

MilesPerHour said...

I do like some dessert and I would say that all adults should enjoy some as well, so don't forget to get some sugar in your diet a few times per week.

Valash said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I will follow your blog.


Truth Seeker said...

Wow. what a nice recipie. this can b said the best route to follow. this will lead us to a great destiny. finally Thanks for commenting on ma blog. i will follow u and hope same from u :)