Saturday, January 10, 2009

Information highway

Today I relish my first week back to the workforce, outside of my domestic engineer duties and it was wonderful! Actually too good to be true. I have a no stress commute, 5 minutes each way in comparison to the hour each way of the last job. The real stress is lack of information to be communicated in order to get anything done. At work it is dealing with new systems and fumbling your way through it, wondering if you did it right, or if you will mess up everything, because you can't get the info on how to work the system. Yes I know it will take a little time for everything to come together, so I am very patient and just ebullient about it all.
Now at home, I wake up today and the garbage is overflowing, the kitchen looks like every dish we have has been used, and there's laundry on the couch, aren't teenagers somethin' ? It's just that if I don't tell them about these things, it's like they can't "see" what things might need to be done around here. I made a little trash bucket to go over the washer/dryer for lint and dryer sheets trash, etc; I put a bright label on it and it's right at eye level, it says "Please empty this when it is full". Of course today it is overflowing and I mention this to my 16 yr old and he says, "I've never seen it". Isn't that classic. I said, " I guess I should put a motion sensor with a recording of my message so everyone who does laundry will know what they need to do." He smiled, and said, "yea that would be cool." Now wouldn't it. WHY can't anyone in this house besides ME do anything??? I ask this often. Then my friends Son tells me that he needs to meet his ride, back to college, at 5PM today,!!! is this ok with me?? Hmm.......his Mom is working till 5 today. He, like most boys, flies by the seat of his pants ALL the time. His Mom should explain to him, like I have many, many times, that we ALL need information, just like he should want to know when, where, why. I guess I am just asking way too much from everyone. This is just common sense and my nature. I thrive on information and cannot perform without it. I guess that 's why I also enjoy teaching others about stuff I know that they do not. Everyone should want to be informed!
Information is something people take for granted. Not enough of it is told or explained and not enough of it is asked for. So start today to be more informational to and with everyone. The world will be a better place for it, or at least just your own little community :)

Remember: Information is key to life


Anne said...

In the work place, there's competition. Can this person do it or not? So they might hold back some info. With teens, most just live for the moment. They don't want to think about getting or giving info. Good luck with your new job!

Anne said...

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you that I like the new look to your blog. =)

Kathy said...

Ahh the joy of living with 'I don't know' and 'it wasn't me' lol I know the feeling well. I gave my sister a plaque that had "Mother's Ten Commandments" on it and she hung it on the wall next to the fridge. She says they use it to bounce their trash off of while aiming for the trash can :) haha and I am so happy for you in your new job! It's wonderful to have a stress free job and it's wonderful to not have to drive that far anymore. I'm proud for you Cathy! Have a great weekend sweetie! Love, Kathy

Anna Lefler said...

Congrats on the new job and Happy New Year!

I will be living with teens in just a few years (as my kids grow). I'm bracing for it...

:^) Anna

Lian莲 said...

Hi Aries

Thanks for dropping by my Blog. Yours is as interesting. Something true about oneself and letting others share is wonderful. I saw my Mum's struggled and I know it is great to have a wonderful mother, like my Mum and like yourself to your boys.

Take care and see you often too. I have linked you.


Randa said...

My mom always said stuff like that to me. I think she finally solved when she stopped doing things for us until we did what she said.

It worked.

I like your blog, by the way. First time reading. Nice to see someone else from Georgia!


The Drifter said...


Thank You for commenting on my question. You asked me what I am afraid of. I am afraid of being seen and known as something I am not.

Kathy said...

You've been tagged Cathy! C'mon over to my blog and check out the details :-)