Monday, November 5, 2007

Role Models

We don't know when growing up that we might someday have children and have to know what to teach them about life. They sure don't give you a handbook at the hospital while checking out that instructs you on how to be a good role model in all aspects for your children. We mainly rely on our Parents and Grandparents, who, by the way also were left with the same dilemma. So each generation stumbles through and we all try to do the best we possibly know how. What I have learned as a single Mom for many years is to show my boys how to work hard to earn a living and be successful and to SAVE. My Parents struggled like I have for many years and my Brother and I really didn't know it, because they covered up their money troubles, I'm sure they didn't want us to worry. Of course I am still to this day very fortunate to have both my Parents and they are still married to each other, 50 yrs. This is something many people today don't have. With that my Dad was and still is a hard worker and very smart. He worked outside the home while my Mom was the domestic engineer. She kept all the inner gears of our household running smoothly as possible, while Dad traveled for his job every week. So over the years after I became an adult, married and divorced with 2 boys to raise, I realized I had learned how to survive on very little money while trying to "rob peter to pay paul", after many years it became very tiresome and old. I have finally figured out how to make myself save money and am trying to teach this same philosophy to my boys so they won't have to face crisis's unprepared. There is nothing worse than thinking you have more money in your bank account and then you discover how wrong you were. One clerical error can cost you hundred's of dollars. I know, I have lost many, many dollars this way. Our Parents are our role models and they do the best they can. Mine did. I have learned from them that you continue to do what you believe in and be positive about it everyday and you will be successful. My Dad has been successful and I have too for not going to college. My degree is in the Mortgage business.
Think about what you have ever learned from your Role Models and try to incorprate that into your life.
So start today by writing down a simple budget plan for yourself and your kids can start learning as early as 12. You can use notebook paper, write down what income is coming into the household and what your bills, expenses are to go out for the month. Once you see it on paper and know in your head how much money you have for wiggle room, you will tend to not overspend. In today's times we all have to learn how to build our wealth by spending our money very carefully.
If you ever have a question or comment, please feel free to email me. I am always willing to help people think in the right direction.

Remember: Think smarter not harder

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