Friday, November 9, 2007


Most of us think discipline is something you do to your kids. You never realize it is something we need to do in our everyday lives. Discipline is what more adults need. It will help you achieve everything you want out of life. Too many people live in the fast lane all the time and do not discipline themselves as far as pleasure in life. Sure we all deserve to enjoy ourselves and do what we want, but we will stay in the hole forever unless we discipline ourselves to not getting everything we always think of.
For instance I know people that go out and buy whatever they think they should have, not "need", but want. One in particular gets a new cell phone every month, week, whenever and new computers, TV's, yet cannot keep up with the everyday living expenses and was a homeowner but let the house go. This is a prime example of someone who lacks discipline. She will now have to spend the next 3-5 yrs fixing her credit. This will require discipline and without it she will never gain credit again. This is what we do to ourselves.
So start today with discipline in your budget, spending and dealing with everyday life.

Remember: Discipline is not just for kids

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