Monday, October 29, 2007


Have you ever played "the phone game"? You know where one person tells someone something and then that person passes along what they "thought" they heard and so on until it reaches the last person who has to tell the group what was said to begin with and it is always something so different than what was actually said. Sometimes, alot of times, when you are talking to a credit professional or mortgage specialist it seems like this happens and you wonder how things could get so messed up. It is so important to tell everything about your situation as correctly as possible, because most all of your info has to be verified and clarified. It seems the mortgage banking industry is all about making sure everything everyone has said is exactly true to the best of every one's knowledge. All this verifying and clarifying makes the process to obtain credit or a mortgage loan seem that much more difficult.

So to make things easier on yourself and everyone else of interest be sure you gather up all your information and or documents to make your credit experience more pleasant than some. It's all about COMMUNICATION.

Remember: Communication is the key to everything!

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