Friday, February 6, 2009


You know I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason and that if you do for others good things will come your way. Patience was also something that I have had to force on myself. I have always been a pretty patient person, I thought, but I needed more patience. I have groomed myself over the past coupe of yrs to be more and more patient, which has taught me that timing is everything and it seems to all be paying off. I wonder why we can't learn all of this stuff when we are much younger? We do, we just don't listen or believe it. Things are really falling into place now and I actually can say that I am not afraid to be happy now. I used to think if I felt too happy something bad would happen and spoil everything. So over the years I have become more of a optimistic person. I always see the "glass half FULL". I wake up positive and happy, greet people and am the "light" in any room. I find that my days are filled with more happiness than doom because of my thinking and timing. I don't get stressed if things don't go my way or complain, I can't stand complainers by the way. I believe, you buck up, get over it and be HAPPY!. Timing is everything, so do for others and in time the goodness will come back to you.

Remember: What goes around, comes back around


♥ Kathy said...

That is very true. Hope you're doing good Cathy :)

Jenny said...

you read my mind - i've just now started having patience. and i also felt that if everything was going good, something bad HAD to happen to ruin it. but really... it doesn't. i just make something bad happen. so yeah, in short, i agree. what's worse than complainers, is realizing you, yourself is that complainer. i hate that.

Valash said...

That is good that you try to stay positive, I try to stay positive, too.


Lian said...

Hey! that is an effective way of training onself and also encouraging oneself by understanding. Yes, things happened for a reason. If it did not happen, timing is not right yet!

Lian from
Essence of Loving Kindness