Saturday, October 11, 2014

Food for Thought

Here's some food for thought. Restaurant's are somewhere we can go to be waited on, have our food prepared for us and satisfy our hunger all at the same time, and usually pretty quick. Because society today has put the emphasis on needing everything quick we forget to realize that the quality of the food we are salavating for may have more in it than we saw on the menu. Overall, restaurant kitchens are not as clean or bacteria free as you allow yourself to think. We are never sure if the hands that prepared the meal were really washed or the expiration dates of the food being consumed. Cooking your meals at home removes these thoughts and may just keep you from getting sick. You remain in control of what you are eating without risking your health. Sure it is somewhat easier at times to run through the drive through for the kids or because we are always running here and there because we are short on time. There are so many quick and easy recipes to be made at home and in a short time frame that can satisfy everyone at anytime. Generally cooking at home costs less too, stays fresh longer and always tastes better. Cooking and eating at home also inspires "quality family" time which has also gone by the wayside. This is a special time for 30 or 40 minutes to catch up with everyone and enjoy each other's company. Restaurants hinder the "quality family" experience, mainly due to the noise levels, screaming babies, unruly youngsters or any number of things that can come up in a public eating place. So give some serious thought to cooking and eating home more often than not and see the positive effects right away.

Remember: Everyone wins from a good home cooked meal

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