Saturday, October 11, 2014

Food for Thought

Here's some food for thought. Restaurant's are somewhere we can go to be waited on, have our food prepared for us and satisfy our hunger all at the same time, and usually pretty quick. Because society today has put the emphasis on needing everything quick we forget to realize that the quality of the food we are salavating for may have more in it than we saw on the menu. Overall, restaurant kitchens are not as clean or bacteria free as you allow yourself to think. We are never sure if the hands that prepared the meal were really washed or the expiration dates of the food being consumed. Cooking your meals at home removes these thoughts and may just keep you from getting sick. You remain in control of what you are eating without risking your health. Sure it is somewhat easier at times to run through the drive through for the kids or because we are always running here and there because we are short on time. There are so many quick and easy recipes to be made at home and in a short time frame that can satisfy everyone at anytime. Generally cooking at home costs less too, stays fresh longer and always tastes better. Cooking and eating at home also inspires "quality family" time which has also gone by the wayside. This is a special time for 30 or 40 minutes to catch up with everyone and enjoy each other's company. Restaurants hinder the "quality family" experience, mainly due to the noise levels, screaming babies, unruly youngsters or any number of things that can come up in a public eating place. So give some serious thought to cooking and eating home more often than not and see the positive effects right away.

Remember: Everyone wins from a good home cooked meal

It seems that it takes me longer and longer to come back here and reconnect. I have been trying now for 3 yrs to get back to living my life and have stumbled upon many roadblocks. Since I lost my parents I grieved and began moving forward, then several issues with my boys rose to the top and have kept me down for some time. The one main constant in my life has been my current job. I do have to commute through this lovely Atlanta traffic, but I actually enjoy getting in it because it definitely makes you feel ALIVE ! Yes, I must be a little crazy. But during all these dark times I am the only one that I have to help myself feel better or feel motivated and it is hard to keep this up everyday, but I do. I worry everyday about my health, my finances and my boys and pray for major improvement in all areas. I remain hopeful and continue to have faith. I hope you all have a fabulous day and remain positive !!

Remember: You only have YOU to depend on !

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Idol Time

WOW it has been 14 mos. since I last wrote. I have faced huge life altering challenges since I last wrote. I was trying to move on since my Dad had passed and my family continued to have struggles with each other. Then in May 2011 my Mom called me to come to her house in NW Arkansas to help her out for a few months. You see, she had fallen the week of Easter, nobody called me-nice, broker her hip and my brother wasn't caring for her very well, and why would he. So off I went, just like that. I gave up a great job opportunity in the industry I despised and wished I could get out of. Once I got my Mom's I told her that she could not stay in that house by herself and take care of herself along with everything else. So I gave her 5 options, one of which was to move to Georgia and live with me and my boys, and surprisingly so she chose to move. So I spent the next 3 mos. selling, packing, preparing the AR home for her departure and preparing my home for her arrival, which included enclosing my garage to be her apartment, it turned out nice. So 4 mos. later we arrive in GA along with all the stuff from my Parents house that I couldn't decide what to do with, I still have a lot of it here working at it a week at a time. Anyway, another new routine took shape and then Oct. 26, 2001 my Mom passed away. I could not believe how everything played out. I was stunned, shocked and in a haze for months.I had to force myself to get through the holidays for my  boys and said that once the New Year came we would all make it a very good year. It has taken me a while to get through the dark side of my emotions. I am TODAY taking my Real Estate exam ! I am taking advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented to me through all this loss. It has been difficult and great all at the same time. I may not have my Parents to talk to anymore, but I know they are looking down on me and guiding me through each and everyday. For this I am grateful and thankful. I want to LIVE again and enjoy each day and have fun again. So I applaud myself for getting up and going to school and achieving such a great feat.You will see more of me and my posts going forward. So good to be back :)

Remember: You can't move forward while looking back

Monday, February 21, 2011

Negative Energy

Are you surrounded by negative people? I'm sure most of you have at least one that comes to mind. I sure do and I am about fed up with it too. All these "nay sayers" should live on their own island, maybe then they would be happy. When we engage with nagative attitudes it tends to change our outlook to more negative than positive. This is not a healthy way of living. I always make a point to waking up thankful that I did wake up, be happy for all the wonderful things I have in my life, although they may not be a lot to some, but to me they are a bounty. I have to remind myself of this too each day. Thinking positive is just a better way of looking at life and all the bumps that come along the way. Negativity does bring any good feelings to any situation. Positivity makes you feel better, therefore making you more productive in everything you do. We will always run up against roadblocks and will always find a way through them because thinking positive also opens up the pathway to a solution. A smile is absolutley positive and takes less muscles to use, while a frown, which breeds negative feelings also makes us feel cold and unchanged. Negative people spin their wheels whining and complaining about something when they could bring positive change to their dilemma.

Remember: Don't waste others time by breathing negative, smile because you can.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Share yourself

I am sort of at a cross roads in my life and not sure how to proceed. I have many great goals in mind for this fresh new year. My biggest block is that I do not have a significant other or any "real" friends locally that I can share with, ask for advice, bounce ideas off of or just talk to. Many days I feel trapped and somewhat depressed and eventually am able to help myself work through these uncomfortable feelings. As I want to be a coach to many on various topics, it would be nice if I had my own coach to help me through all these tough issues.  I have a hard time with this, but I still forge on because I know I can achieve what I am thinking of, it's just difficult as I have only myself to talk to about these things. I wish I could have more friends like I did many years ago when I lived in Memphis. Now those were some great times and I know I can have that again, just have lost my way. I know that 2010 was the most extremely painful year I have experienced in, well forever and this has attributed to all these self worthlessness that I feel a lot. Friends where I live are very difficult to keep as they are so committed to their own lives and I guess don't need another friend or any at all. I may need to relocate to another City, just not real sure I really want to do that. I do know that I need to join a club or a group or something to hopefully be involved enough to make some new relationships that will last.  I would normally discuss all of these things with my Dad, but can't anymore, only through prayers and that is hard too. I am a very giving person and just need to find the same in others that I can call my "FRIENDS". So onward I go to work on making all the plans and goals I have be achieved and hopefully find a friend or 2 along the way.

Remember:  Follow through.